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Our academy's philosophy is to provide our students with both the practical skills to carry out professional beauty services well, as well as the theory and knowledge needed to back it up.
Those who aspire to be professional and credible aestheticians with skill and knowledge will find 66Theory very suitable for them. By pairing nationally and internationally recognised award-winning aesthetician techniques together with a high Accreditation Rating from the International Education Board, we ensure that these successful techniques can be both taught and practiced by you.

Our founder and trainers have at least 20 years of practical experience with international certification of the highest honour in the beauty industry, and they'll make sure that over the course of several carefully structured, comprehensive training sessions, you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to practice as a professional aesthetician.


Our academy is one that has met all professional and educational requirements as per IEBDAC standards, and we have been accredited as a 7 Star Accredited Academy by the Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetology.

was founded by Joyce Lee and set up in Singapore, 6 Mayo Street, S208306. She wishes to bring people not just the theory but also the practical skill necessary to carry out the services taught in the courses available at 66Theory.

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